Tunes on Tuesday: Be Free

Why this tune?

I wrote this week’s tune in 2018 for the Lucky So & Sos, the latin/ jazz/ funk/ hip-hop ensemble I wrote about back in September before our show at the Capital Cider House. Now that the band has been reactivated I hope to perform it live with the group in the DC area. The lyrics are a universal call for empathy with people who may not have the “right” look and just want to be free to “hang with the wrong crowd.” The music is a simple funk groove that provides plenty of space for Ardamus to freestyle and for the band to improvise.

I’m looking forward to performing this one for you soon with the band.

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Complete track

Published by Oren Levine

Jazz pianist and composer from Washington, DC. Also a digital product and technology consultant currently working with nonprofit cllients

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