Tunes on Tuesday: Park Road Serenade

Why this tune? I wrote “Park Road Serenade” in mid-2020, and shared it first in a livestream concert.This was one of the shows sponsored by Mr. Henry’s restaurant in Washington, DC. The tune didn’t yet have a title, so I asked for suggestions from the audience. Ian Taronji proposed the title I used – itContinue reading “Tunes on Tuesday: Park Road Serenade”

Tunes on Tuesday: When The Morning Comes (lyrics video)

Why this tune? “ “When The Morning Comes” encourages us to welcome the chance for a new start on a new day. I wrote it after a period of writer’s block, taking inspiration from the early hour. You can hear it on my 2018 album “Making Up For Lost Time,” featuring Aaron Myers’ vocals andContinue reading “Tunes on Tuesday: When The Morning Comes (lyrics video)”

Tunes on Tuesday: On All Other Nights

Why this tune? I wrote “On All Other Nights” before Passover 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to conduct our holiday seder meals virtually. The song was inspired by a question we ask at the seder: “Why is this night different from all other nights?” When I wrote the song, I was convinced thatContinue reading “Tunes on Tuesday: On All Other Nights”