Tunes on Tuesday: Jinx Killer

Why this tune?

Song ideas can come from anywhere at any time. This song is a case in point. The “anywhere” was a pharmacy on St. Croix, which sells a variety of “mystic baths.” I saw “Jinx Killer” and thought it would make a great song title. I didn’t, however, try out the product.

it’s a good title, but what’s the story? That took some time until I came up with a story where the singer is giving advice to a friend who is convinced that they are somehow cursed. Don’t look for the answer in some potion, the singer advises, “the answer is inside yourself.”

I’ll be playing the song for the first time with Barbara Papendorp on Oct. 27 at Bistrot Lepic. I think it has the right spooky mood for our pre-Halloween show.

Watch the story

Check it out!

Complete track

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