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Oren Levine plays piano and writes songs

Oren is a jazz pianist and award-winning songwriter based in Washington, DC. He performs regularly at venues in the DC area and on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. His performances deliver positive, relaxed, swinging music rooted in the American jazz tradition and always include some of his original songs.

Oren’s songs been recorded by Carolyn Malachi, Aaron Myers, Lionel Lyles, Donna Singer, and Jason Mendelson’s MetroSongs project.

Oren’s 2018 debut album “Making Up For Lost Time” features eleven of his original songs, performed by an all-star group of musicians from the DC region.

Oren performs with The Lucky So & So’s, a latin jazz/funk band and was a long-standing member of the house band at the (pre-pandemic) weekly DC Jazz Jam.

Selected discography

Island In The Sea (feat. Aaron Myers) (2022): From the Groove Park project, a song about escaping to a tropical island with the one you love.

Bend Don’t Break (feat. Khadijo and Francillia) (2022): From Groove Park, a tribute to the resilience and tenacity of the palm trees of the Caribbean

Ain’t It The Truth (feat. Carolyn Malachi) (2020): A lament about the spread of false news with a message of hope for overcoming it

Making Up For Lost Time (2018): 11 original songs performed by 10 of the DC area’s finest jazz musicians. Title track won a 2019 MASC finalist award

Donna Singer: Set Your Heart Free (2019): Donna performs three of my songs: “Spread Your Wings,” “How It Ends,” “My Dear”

Aaron Myers: Snowing In Vegas (2015): Includes my originals Hanukkah LightSnow Day, and Stand Right.


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