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Ain’t It The Truth” featuring Carolyn Malachi is available now on your favorite streaming service

Don’t Sleep On Me” featuring Aaron Myers drops December 10. Look for it here and on your favorite music service.

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Video highlights

Streaming with Barbara P. October 31, 2020
It’s not you, it’s the virus
Barbara Papendorp sings of love lost and wisdom found
Aaron Myers celebrates etiquette on the DC subway
Barbara Papendorp sings a classic updated for our current condition

But we should care, and wear our masks
Does COVID make you nostalgic for jetlag?
Julie Mack reflects on a Passover that was truly different
Bringing the funk to the Kennedy Center in 2017!
Watching the Saharan Air Layer pass over the Caribbean this summer

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My album Making Up For Lost Time features 11 original jazz songs performed by 10 of the DC area’s finest musicians.

Thanks to the Songwriters Association of Washington for recognizing the title song as a finalist in the Vocal Jazz/Blues category in the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.