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Latest post: Tunes on Tuesday: A Pleasing Odor

Enjoy these jazz photos from 1950’s Boston by my late father Mel Levine, newly scanned from his negatives.

Check out “Island In The Sea” , the first single from my Groove Park project, released March 25!

Also from Groove Park: “Bend Don’t Break” celebrates the palm trees of the Caribbean with the sounds of St. Croix

Don’t Sleep On Me” featuring Aaron Myers reminds us to believe in our own abilities

Ain’t It The Truth” featuring Carolyn Malachi sends a message of hope for overcoming information pollution and information overload

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Live from St. Croix with me and Khadijo Kwabena!
Music from Groove Park
Recent music
featuring Aaron Myers
featuring Barbara Papendorp
featuring Carolyn Malachi
featuring Tony Gudell and Lionel Lyles

Have you heard?

The title track of my album Making Up For Lost Time was a finalist (Vocal Jazz/Blues) in the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

My song “Are You Out Of Your Mind” was a finalist (Vocal Jazz/Blues) in the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.