Snowing In Vegas

The 2015 holiday album from Aaron Myers features three of my original songs, including the new DC classic “Stand Right“. It’s a fun collection of music for the winter season and all year round.

Listen to the album on your favorite streaming service:

Here’s the track listing (originals in bold):

  1. Love All Year (3:33)  – Aaron Myers’ original holiday anthem
  2. Hanukkah Light (3:58) – My American Hanukkah carol
  3. Interlude – Angels We Have Heard On High (0:30)
  4. Angels We Have Heard On High (5:03) – new take on an old classic
  5. The Christmas Song (3:58) – Xmas in the Islands
  6. Snow Day (3:38) – Musing on relationships and cold weather
  7. Interlude – It’s Snowing In Vegas (0:33)
  8. It’s Snowing In Vegas (2:15) – Enjoying the unexpected
  9. Stand Right (3:10) – Good advice for DC residents and visitors alike!

More info about this recording:

Aaron loves the holiday classics sung by Darlene Love, Mariah Carey, and other stars, but didn’t understand why that spirit has to be limited to Christmas. He wrote Love All Year to celebrate every holiday, and really any occasion when we share time with family and friends.
Oren read a few years back that Senator Orrin Hatch had written a Hanukkah song, and decided that if the Senator could do it, he could too. That led to Hanukkah Light.
Aaron heard Angels We Have Heard On High and, true to his calling as a music minister, saw an opportunity to talk from the heart about the true meaning of Christmas.
Percy and Aaron heard the amazing Victor Provost play jazz steel pan, and were inspired to take The Christmas Song to the Caribbean, where Santa is always overdressed for the weather.
Back in Washington, DC, Oren was actually listening to Clifford Brown as he rode through the snow, and came up with the first line of Snow Day, a musical musing about relationships and sub-freezing temperatures.
Oren and his wife told Aaron and friends about their disappointing trip out West in search of warmer weather, where they found rain in San Diego and, yes, snow in Las Vegas. Aaron started singing It’s Snowing In Vegas, and the group put their heads together to write the lyrics, inspired by the unusual idea and a bottle of quite nice rum.
Finally, all year long, but especially around the holidays, the many tourists arriving in our Nation’s Capital take advantage of our convenient Metro subway system. Oren wrote Stand Right to advise visitors on how to get along with their fellow riders.

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