Tunes on Tuesday: Pelican Cove

Oren Levine's Tunes On Tuesday: Pelican Cove

Why this tune?

Here’s another song from this year’s 50/90 project, inspired by another morning walk around the Pelican Cove Condos on St. Croix. I saw the sign for the condos as I returned and remembered that I had seen an actual pelican off the beach a few months before. The phrase “I saw a pelican at Pelican Cove” came to mind, a great starting point for a song. I then thought that while I was pleasantly surprised to see a pelican in the cove, that probably didn’t matter to the pelican, who (as far as I know) isn’t aware of the name.

For the final piece in the song puzzle, I thought about many suburban neighborhoods and streets I’ve seen that have names that don’t fit the surroundings (I’m sure there’s at least one Summit View nowhere near a mountain).

Visit my Soundcloud account to hear more songs from this year’s 50/90, including some fun virtual collaborations with talented lyricists.

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