Tunes on Tuesday: Sunflower In The City

Oren Levine's Tunes On Tuesday: Sunflower In The City

Why this tune?

My wife, who always has good ideas, offered me a way to get out of a songwriting rut and feed the creativity engine. She suggested looking for song ideas on my morning walks around the neighborhood. That inspired this week’s tune, triggered by sunflowers growing in a nearby community garden. It’s a short song that captures a few thoughts imagining the inner life of an urban flower. I’ll add it to the list of new tunes that may turn into arrangements and recordings in the future.

I submitted the song to the “50/90” site at This is a virtual community of writers who gather once a year with a goal of writing 50 songs in 90 days. The website is a great place to meet and collaborate with other writers and get ideas and inspiration from the work and the discussion. I don’t expect to produce 50 new works, but I am on track to complete new tunes regularly, which is a fine outcome.

Watch the story

Hear the tune

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