Tunes on Tuesday: Powerful Questions

Why this tune?

You may not think of software development as musical, but it inspired this week’s song. I took a course recently on Agile Coaching, learning how to help software teams use Agile processes to work more effectively. One of the many coaching tools we learned was the use of “powerful questions.” These are questions designed to get someone to think deeply about a problem or situation.

“Powerful Questions” also sounded like a powerful song subject, but creating the story took a while. Once again, the 50/90 project gave me incentive to figure out this musical puzzle. I found “free writing” helpful with this song — jotting down whatever came to mind about the subject.

I hope you enjoy the result.

Visit my Soundcloud account to hear more songs from this year’s 50/90, including some fun virtual collaborations with talented lyricists.

Photo in video by Gareth Simpson from flickr (CC BY 2.0):

Watch the story

Hear the tune

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