Tunes on Tuesday: A Little Late

Why this tune?

I was late in planning for this week’s Tune, so it’s no surprise that I chose a song about just that condition. The inspiration for the song was a phrase “A little late, a little lame” which I heard somewhere sometime and wrote down in my file of words and phrases for song ideas. I developed that phrase into a story about two perpetually late people meeting in an empty train station. After living with the song for a couple of years, and even performing it once with Tony Gudell, I’m not satisfied with the words.

I think there’s a song here somewhere, and I’m happy with the musical part of the composition, but the words need more work before I can call it done. I’d love to hear your thoughts – what story would you tell about the downsides (or even benefits) of running late?

Watch the story

Check it out!

Complete track

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