Tunes on Tuesday: Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob (2021)

Why this tune?

I wrote this week’s tune ten years ago around this time, as part of an effort to write songs for holidays that need (in my opinion) more musical attention. I was inspired by the holidays we spent over the years with my late uncle Rob and his sister Nora (my late father’s older siblings). They were always happy to celebrate with family. The people at the table were always more memorable than the food on it (although my late stepmom Symme created some remarkable Jello molds).

I want to express my thanks to my musical family in Washington, DC, where I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to play, write and record for over 10 years. Special thanks go to Aaron Myers, who you can hear in the recording of this song, for many years of creation and collaboration.

Best wishes to you all for a happy Thanksgiving, however and wherever you celebrate.

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