Tunes on Tuesday: I Thought About You

Why this tune? On this Giving Tuesday, here’s a song with an appropriate title for today’s focus on generosity and kindness. “I Thought About You” is another song by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Mercer written in 1939, that became a popular jazz standard by the late 50s with classic recordings by Billie Holiday, EllaContinue reading “Tunes on Tuesday: I Thought About You”

Tunes on Tuesday: Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob

Why this tune? We celebrate Thanksgiving in the US this Thursday, and like so many other events this year, I expect many people will be celebrating virtually or in small groups due to the ongoing pandemic. I know my joy in the holiday is mixed with sadness about the traditions we may not be ableContinue reading “Tunes on Tuesday: Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob”

Tunes on Tuesday: Ain’t It The Truth

Why this tune? Over the past few years, I’ve heard plenty of things on the news that made me angry. In two cases, I turned that indignation into inspiration and channeled that feeling into a song. The first was “Alternative Facts”, which I recorded on my album Making Up For Lost Time in 2018. TheContinue reading “Tunes on Tuesday: Ain’t It The Truth”