Tunes on Tuesday: Let’s Resolve

Why this tune?

Tunes on Tuesday starts the new year with a new song written on New Year’s Eve. I started the song with I started the song with a twist on the concept of New Year’s resolutions. What if we resolve to not make any? That evolved into a sort of love song, where the singer implores their love to stay just the way they are. This song joins the list of holiday tunes I’ve written over the years, including “For A Tree” for Arbor Day, “Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob,” “Hanukkah Light,” “Pi Day,” and the COVID Passover lament “On All Other Nights.”

If you decided to make some resolutions of your own, I wish you success in keeping them. For everyone, best wishes for a safe, sane, and swinging 2023.

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On the subject of New Year’s, here’s the best New Year’s song that’s not about New Year’s at all: “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” by Frank Loesser

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