Tunes on Tuesday: Hanukkah Light

Why this tune?

For Tunes on Tuesday during Hanukkah I’m sharing a solo piano version of my song “Hanukkah Light” that I recorded in 2020 as part of a series for the holiday (which you can find on Bandcamp). I recorded the song first in 2015 with Aaron Myers, and released it on his holiday album “Snowing In Vegas.” This year I had the pleasure and privilege of performing the song with Aaron and the 257th Army Band in Washington, DC, accompanying their concert band in a new arrangement written by Vicki Golding, a very talented singer, composer and arranger who is the vocalist for the band.

I used this week’s video to try a little experiment with the AI image generation program DALL-E. I fed it the lyrics for the song and picked the best option it returned for the video. Some of the images are lovely, others adequate, and some quite odd. For example, the keyword “festive” returned lots of images with Christmas content, and most of the images of Hanukkah had, as you might expect, incorrect and just weird hanukiyot (hanukka menorahs).

Tunes On Tuesday Reel

Check out these recordings

Hanukkah Light with Aaron Myers

Hanukkah Light with Aaron and the 257th Army Band

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