Tunes on Tuesday: I’ll Be Here For You

Why this tune?

This week’s tune started out as a fast funky instrumental I wrote for the February Album Writing Month (FAWM) project (@fawmers), working off some rather complex chord progressions I had been playing with for a while.

Several FAWMers responded to my call for collaborators on the FAWM forum, including Nigel Pattinson, who contributed a much groovier bass part that you can hear in the demo track.

Andrew Trotter responded with some lyrics and the title “Here For You.” That was the key that unlocked a completely new version of the song, a much slower and soulful version with words adapted from Andrew’s draft. I recorded a demo of “I’ll Be Here For You” as well, which you can hear below.

I think this one has promise as a proper single. I’m considering it for my new Groove Park project, which kicks off on March 18 with the release of “Island In The Sea.”

FAWM is finished for the year, but I’m hoping to continue to write regularly through the 11 months until the next one comes around.

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