Tunes on Tuesday: Island In The Sea

Why this tune?

I wrote “Island In the Sea” in 2016, inspired by the time we spent on the lovely Caribbean island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. The singer invites their partner to get away from the rush and action of the city and travel to “a sunset shore under starry skies.”

When I played the song for Aaron Myers earlier this year, he knew right away how the song should sound: “Nancy Wilson, Stroh’s Beer.” As usual, he was right. A video clip of a 1970’s beer commercial had the right groove for the recording. Working on the arrangement with Percy White brought out another 1970s reference: The Crusaders’ “Street Life” from 1979.

Aaron, Percy and I got together in the studio this week with some other fine musicians to translate those classic sounds and rhythms into a contemporary ode to island life. You’ll want to dance and maybe book a flight.

I can’t wait to share the finished product with you early next year.


  • Aaron Myers, vocals
  • Oren Levine, piano
  • Ollie Wright, keyboards
  • Sol Roots, guitar
  • Percy White, bass
  • Angel Bethea, drums and percussion

Watch the story

Check it out!

Nancy Wilson for Stroh’s

The Crusaders: Street Life

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