Hang On Little Cicada

To the tune of “Hang On Little Tomato” by Patrick Abbey, China Forbes, and Thomas Lauderdale (Pink Martini)

Lyrics by Oren Levine, performed by Oren and Barbara Papendorp at Bistrot Lepic, May 26, 2021

The day is new and I'm finally free
It's light and I can see
My siblings all around
Along the ground
Like a sea
Of deep confusion 

I know there's something I need to do 
I feel I'm waiting for my cue 
As I listen to the voice inside my heart 
I'm ready to get up and do my part 

I've gotta fly up 
Fly up in the tree 
Sing out 
Like a symphony 
Even while you sleep 
And all the world is dreaming 
Hear our sounds from up above 
Music of cicada love 

I'll hang out 
Over on the gate 
Call out 
Til I find a mate 
Don't have lots of time 
While I'm in my prime 
Then we'll burrow down below 
For a dozen years or so 

And so I offer a small request 
Don't think of me as just a pest 
All we want is that you let us have our play 
And in a month or so we'll all have gone away

Published by Oren Levine

Jazz pianist and composer from Washington, DC. Also a digital product and technology consultant currently working with nonprofit cllients

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