Tunes on Tuesday – I Believe In Rhubarb

Why this tune?

Spring means gardening, which in my case was the inspiration for my first song with lyrics, “I Believe In Rhubarb.” If you’ve heard me perform this with Barbara Papendorp and others, you’re heard the story – I mentioned to a friend that my wife doesn’t like rhubarb, and in fact doesn’t believe in it, at least not as anything anyone is supposed to eat. My friend replied “I believe in rhubarb,” which struck me as such an excellent song title that it deserved a song to match.

Dig this detail!

When I started writing songs back in 2008, I was determined not to write anything too serious, sticking to fun topics like vegetables and public transportation. Since then I’ve expanded my range and explored more personal topics like love and loss. If you’re a songwriter, I’d like to hear about your journey, and how you came to write about different topics. 

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Beth Logan Raffeld sings Rhubarb in 2009

Barbara Papendorp and Russwin Francisco sing Rhubarb in 2013

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