Tunes on Tuesday – They Say It’s Spring

Why this tune?

“They Say It’s Spring” could apply to the weather here in the Washington DC area this year, where the warmth of spring has been late to arrive. It’s really about much more than that, a spring song that’s not about spring at all. The tune was written for Blossom Dearie, who recorded it first in 1958. I’ve been performing it regularly around the area with Barbara Papendorp (and hope to get back to live performances soon). Even though I’ve heard it many times, I had to read the lyrics carefully to appreciate how clever and intricate they are.

Dig this detail!

Because the song is so carefully put together, I think it makes sense to play it pretty close to the original melody and phrasing, like Blossom Dearie did. Other jazz songs benefit much more from creative interpretation. I’d love to hear from other musicians with their thoughts.

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Check it out!

Blossom Dearie’s first recording

…and a more recent version by Nicki Parrott

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