Tunes on Tuesday: Early Start

Why this tune?

This week I’m sharing a new song in progress. The FAWM (February Album Writing Month) community is inspiring me to write new songs at an accelerated pace this month. This song started as an idea about the pleasures of an early morning walk. I wrote a chorus pretty quickly, but then struggled to build a musical story around my lyric description of that early morning stroll. After several false starts I settled on the version I’m sharing today. I think this may need further revision and perhaps additional lyrics, but I’m happy to share this interim draft as at least a semi-complete song.

To create the demo recording, I’m using a technique I learned from one of Sam Prather’s instructional videos. I created a chord chart for my song in iRealPro and exported the drum and bass tracks from the app as MIDI files. I then imported those files into my audio software and combined them with my vocals and piano tracks.

Tunes On Tuesday Reel

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