Tunes on Tuesday: Bullet In The Night

Why this tune?

I’m participating in FAWM: February Album-Writing Month, a global community of
songwriters writing and sharing songs, with the stated goal of writing 14 new songs
(i.e. an album’s worth) during the month.

Part of what I like about FAWM is the opportunity to write music for other peoples’ lyrics. “Bullet In The Night” is one example. A writer from Norway posted the lyrics to the site, and I was inspired to write this torch song to support his story of love and betrayal. I’m still waiting for feedback from the writer on the tune and the tweaks I made to the lyrics to fit the melody. If the writer approves, I’d love to find a vocalist to record the song. I don’t think my voice is up to this particular challenge.

Besides this one, I’ve written two new songs so far, with several more ideas in the works. You can hear my originals on Soundcloud (or you can set up your own account on FAWM to check out everyone’s work).

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