Tunes on Tuesday: If You Could Fly

Why this tune?

This week’s tune is another one that started during February Album Writing Month (FAWM) (@fawmers) this year. The song started as a series of questions: “What do you see?” “How does it feel?” which evolved into a musical wish from the singer to stay with the one they love no matter where they might journey to.

The song has been on a journey of its own. It started in 4/4 time, but after playing it for a while I decided that a waltz feel (3/4) worked better for the melody and message. That then required some adjustment of the lyrics to fit the new feel. This adjustment had an additional benefit of making the lyrics less “wordy” and the melody less complex.

“If You Could Fly” is still a work in progress. I want to try it out with a singer or two to make sure that it can be performed easily and makes sense when sung. In the meantime, I recorded a short instrumental version so you can get a sense of the melody and the mood.

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