Tunes on Tuesday: Sahara Dust

Why this tune?

Every year around this time, clouds of dust from the Sahara desert blow across the Atlantic ocean. We just experienced this year’s storm on St. Croix and other Caribbean islands. The resulting haze can be irritating to breathe, but it does have a positive effect of reducing the chance of major hurricanes. It can also lead to even more beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

I wrote “Sahara Dust” on St. Croix in 2020, when the dust storm was particularly large, earning the nickname “Godzilla” – a catchier name than “Saharan Air Layer.”

This tune was also an experiment in multi-track production, a skill I’m sure many of us worked on during the pandemic shutdown.

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Published by Oren Levine

Jazz pianist and composer from Washington, DC. Also a digital product and technology consultant currently working with nonprofit cllients

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