Tunes on Tuesday: It’s Snowing In Vegas

Why this tune?

When I read last week about a rare snowfall in Las Vegas, I was ready with a song. That song, “It’s Snowing In Vegas,” started one evening in our home. We told a group of friends about one of our trips to the West Coast. We drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and were surprised to see snow when we got there. Aaron Myers was inspired by the story, sat down at the piano, and started singing “It’s Snowing / In Vegas / Today….” The rest of us, aided by some quality rum, added lyrics and perfected the melody, and a song was born. I recorded it with Aaron as the title track of his 2015 holiday album.

Dig this detail!

This story is a reminder of what we have had to give up during the pandemic. I’m still writing songs, but I miss the creative collaboration that can happen when groups of people get together, with or without the rum.

Here’s hoping we can get back to meeting and composing together soon. In the meantime, stay safe and stay warm.

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From “Snowing In Vegas”

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