Tunes on Tuesday: Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob

Why this tune?

We celebrate Thanksgiving in the US this Thursday, and like so many other events this year, I expect many people will be celebrating virtually or in small groups due to the ongoing pandemic. I know my joy in the holiday is mixed with sadness about the traditions we may not be able to keep this year, and the loved ones we lost who won’t be there to celebrate with us.

I wrote “Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob” in 2011 to give that holiday more musical attention. This is part of an ongoing project to write songs for holidays that deserve more of them. Another example is “For A Tree” written to celebrate Arbor Day.

“Thanksgiving” was also a chance to remember my late uncle Robert Levine, my late father’s older brother, who we saw often at holidays with his sister, my aunt Nora. I don’t remember many outstanding culinary traditions in the family. As I wrote in the song, everyone was more interested in just being together than in anything specific on the menu.

Dig this detail!

I recorded “Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob” with Aaron Myers as part of the sessions that were released in Aaron’s holiday album “Snowing In Vegas.” “Thanksgiving” didn’t make it to the album, but is available for streaming and download as a single on most music streaming platforms.

Best wishes to you all for a happy Thanksgiving, however and wherever you celebrate.

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