Tunes on Tuesday: When The Morning Comes

Why this tune?

With everything that’s going on around us, I’d like to offer an optimistic song this week that I hope can provide a bit of sunlight in these stormy times. I went through a period of mild writer’s block a few years ago. After going several months without writing any new songs, my wife made a practical suggestion: go write something! Forcing the issue worked. I sat down one morning and took inspiration from the time of day. “When The Morning Comes” emerged as a hopeful story about the morning after the night before, an encouragement to look ahead to better times.

Dig this detail!

I was thrilled with the recording of this tune on my album Making Up For Lost Time. It was Aaron Myers’s idea to start with a rubato chorus before going into that Latin groove. His vocals were superb, backed by solid support from Percy White (bass) and Ele Rubenstein (drums). Herb Scott again contributed a spectacular solo.

Hear the story

Check it out!

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