Tunes on Tuesday – Peel Me A Grape

Why this tune?

I picked “Peel Me A Grape” this week to have an opportunity to talk about the great pianist and songwriter Dave Frishberg. If you’re of a certain age, you may know him from Schoolhouse Rock – he wrote and sang “I’m Just a Bill.” If you’re a bit older, you might know his other classics from the 1960s, 70s and 80s like “I’m Hip,” “My Attorney Bernie.” When I started writing songs, I definitely had Frishberg in mind, him and Bob Dorough, who co-wrote I’m Hip and also wrote some Schoolhouse Rock tunes. If I can get even close to their level of verbal and musical craft and cleverness I’ll be happy.

Dig this detail!

Peel Me A Grape works because it takes a simple idea, “Pamper me, honey” to an illogical extreme. The last line is wonderful: “I’m getting hungry / So Peel Me A Grape” 

Check it out!

There are plenty of lovely versions of Peel Me A Grape to choose from. Here’s Shirley Horn

Another sultry version by René Marie 

Finally, here’s the man himself singing “You Would Rather Have The Blues”

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