Tunes on Tuesday – The Old Country

Why this tune?

Nancy Wilson’s birthday was on February 20, so I’m marking that date with this song from one of my very favorite albums, Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley from 1962. I love how she brings out the story in the lyrics and adds a snarky edge that really stands out against the cool swing of Cannonball and the band. I have to admit that I don’t completely understand all of the words; noot sure what Nat Adderley and Curtis Lewis meant in that last bit “You won’t see your homeland / Except through me”. 

Dig this detail!

The lyrics are very clever – enough detail to paint a clear picture but leaving space for different singers to tell different stories. To hear an example of that, check out another cool version of this song from Alison Crockett, who updates the song for the 21st century with a political twist.

Check it out!

Nancy Wilson & Cannonball 

Alison Crockett, from her album “Mommy, What’s A Depression?” 

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