Tunes on Tuesday: Your Mind Is On Vacation

Why this tune?

There’s certainly no shortage of news and opinions about what’s going on in the world, and it’s easier than ever to hear from many different voices from many places. That’s a mixed blessing, of course, since there’s also no shortage of nonsense mixed in with more useful information.

I found one way to deal with the nonsense in the music of the late Mose Allison, whose birthday falls this week. The information landscape may have changed since he wrote “Your Mind Is On Vacation” back in 1962, but people are still the same.

Dig this detail!

Think about everything you’ve heard and read over the past year or so, and how many times it would have been satisfying to respond

You know if silence was golden
You couldn't raise a dime
Because your mind is on vacation and your mouth is workin' overtime

For another response to information pollution and overload, check out my song “Ain’t It The Truth” featuring Carolyn Malachi.

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