Tunes on Tuesday – Alone Together

Why this tune?

You’re likely to hear Alone Together at almost any jazz jam session. Like many familiar standards, most of the people playing it probably don’t know the lyrics to the original song, or know that it was written for the musical Flying Colors in 1932. I didn’t know that until I prepared this story. 

Dig this detail!

You’re more likely to hear instrumental versions of this tune than vocal ones, which is a shame, because the lyrics are lovely, and also sort of appropriate for our current Coronavirus condition. I took the liberty of updating them a bit for 2020:

Alone together, avoiding crowds
We'll stay at home, we’re not allowed
To cling together, It's fine
As long as we’re together

Alone together, six feet apart
Across the room, We're close at heart
We're near together and what is there 
To fear together

Our love you cannot quarantine
Our love for each other needs no vaccine
The clubs, the parties, we can postpone
While we're alone together

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Kendra Shank and Geoff Keezer

Catherine Russell

Lovely solo piano version from Hank Jones

Published by Oren Levine

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