Making Up For Lost Time

Coming soon, “Making Up For Lost Time,” an album of 11 original compositions featuring some of the DC area’s finest musicians

Watch this space for updates!

Songs on the album

  1. Without You (sung by Barbara Papendorp)
  2. Making Up For Lost Time (sung by Tony Gudell)
  3. Let’s Wander (sung by Barbara Papendorp)
  4. When The Morning Comes (sung by Aaron Myers)
  5. The Heart Says (sung by Barbara Papendorp)
  6. Nine Miles Wide (instrumental featuring Herb Scott)
  7. All I Ever Lost (sung by Barbara Papendorp)
  8. In The Lounge (sung by Tony Gudell)
  9. The Bar Where I Belong (sung by Aaron Myers)
  10. Alternative Facts (instrumental featuring Lionel Lyles)
  11. An August Day In April (vocals by Barbara, Tony, and Aaron)