“Snow Day” live

Thanks to Aaron Myers and the band for this lovely live performance of my new song “Snow Day” at our show on April 4. I’m always impressed at how quickly Aaron can take on a new song and really “own” the lyrics, as he did in this case. That’s Mary Lawrence playing the trumpet solo; she sat in with the band on Friday. I’m at the piano, alongside Percy White on bass and Will Stephens at the drums.


New song: “Snow Day”

My New Year’s resolution this year was to write at least one new original song each month. February’s song is called “Snow Day,” not a surprise considering the severity of the winter in the DC area this year. This is an attempt at more chromatic harmony, trying to get at something that Kurt Elling or Gregory Porter might perform. Here’s my scratch recording of the song. If you’re a vocalist and want to try this out, please let me know. In any case, I hope you enjoy it.

18th Street Theme: now with lyrics!

Thanks again to Aaron Myers for the first performance of the lyrics for the 18th Street Theme at Sunday’s DC Jazz Jam (Feb. 9). Since this is “Vocal February” at the Jam, I thought it was appropriate to give those vocalists a way to join in the now-traditional theme at the end of the session.

Here are the lyrics (also available, along with lead sheets for the music, on the DC Jazz Jam web site):

Florida Ave.
Check out the sign
Step in, get your horn, grab a seat
It’s Sunday in DC
You know the place to be
We’re jamming on 18th Street

Get on the list
Wait for the call
Get up and be part of the beat
Step out to grab a smoke
Catch up or catch a joke
We’re jamming on 18th Street


Digging those drums
Hearing that horn
Don’t know him but man that was sweet
We played that Miles tune
How ‘bout “How High The Moon”?
We’re jamming on 18th Street

Finish your drink
Close out your tab
Pack up as you send out a tweet
We’ll do it all again
You know the where and when
We’ll see you on 18th Street