Vote for the DC Jazz Jam!

Just got word from Will Stephens, leader of the weekly DC Jazz Jam, that the DC CityPaper has finally included “Best Jazz Jam Session” as one of the categories in their annual and influential “Best of DC” readers poll. I’m going to vote (of course) for the DC Jazz Jam, and strongly encourage you to do so as well (using the name “DC Jazz Jam @ Dahlak”)

The “Best Jazz Jam Session” category is in the first section, under “Arts & Entertainment.” You can only vote once with each email address.

Speaking of which: I’ll be in the house band on Sunday January 13 as we welcome National Symphony violinist Glenn Donnellan to the jam. We asked him to bring his famous baseball bat violin in addition to his regular axe. Yes, you read that correctly. Must be seen to be believed:

Hope to see you at the jam!