Original music

Enjoy these original songs and instrumental tunes. They are all published by Buffalo Bridge Music (ASCAP). Please let me know what you think, and if you’re interested in performing any of them.

And… stay tuned for my upcoming album “Making Up For Lost Time” featuring 11 of these original compositions!

Featured compositions

Ain’t It The Truth (vocal, 2018): Keeping the faith with the facts, in response to some crazy comments we heard on the TV.

As Water Covers The Sea (instrumental, 2016): short ballad with a Biblical title (Isaiah 11:9)

Other originals

All I Ever Lost (vocal, 2017): Inspired by a story from Dani Stoller about a relationship gone wrong, leaving her sadder, wiser, and in need of a new home entertainment device.

Alternative Facts (instrumental, 2017): drawing inspiration from indignation at the Inauguration weekend antics of our new administration’s press people

An August Day In April (vocal, 2009): Inspired by a trip to Ithaca, NY during a particularly warm April. The title came from a friend we were visiting

Are You Out Of Your Mind (vocal, 2014): a tribute to the legendary Sheila Jordan, who I had the privilege of studying with several years ago

The Bar Where I Belong (vocal, 2014): dedicated to the Black Fox Lounge, my musical home in DC until it closed on January 1, 2015

Cleveland Park (vocal, 2011): my contribution to Jason Mendelson’s MetroSongs project, about a solid upper Northwest neighborhood on the Red Line with a strong sense of history. Recorded by Jason and me on MetroSongs Volume 3.

December Light (instrumental, 2010): was going to be another Hanukkah song, but the melody was better than the lyrics

18th St Theme (instrumental, 2012, lyrics 2014): a theme for the DC Jazz Jam; an attempt to bring an Art Blakey vibe to this weekly DC jazz institution. We premiered the theme at the 3rd Anniversary jam on August 12, 2012.

Fall in Boston (instrumental, 2008): easy 3/4 jazz swing tune

Friendship Heights (vocal, 2012): another MetroSong from me and Jason Mendelson, about shopping on the DC-Maryland line. Released on MetroSongs Volume 4.

For A Tree (Arbor Day) (vocal, 2015): another in a series of holiday songs for musically under-served holidays

Hanukkah Light (vocal, 2009): Trying to fill a need for quality American Hanukkah songs

I Believe In Rhubarb (vocal, 2008): my first song with lyrics, inspired by a conversation over lunch at the Vermont Jazz Center summer workshop

I Hate Onions (vocal, 2008): follow-up to “Rhubarb” about another highly contentious vegetable

In the Lounge (vocal, 2011): a moment in the life of a well-traveled business person

Let’s Wander (vocal, 2018): Celebrating the pleasures of exploring your city. Sort of a walking love song with a DC vibe.

Making Up For Lost Time (vocal, 2017): the story of my (musical) lifeAs Water Covers The Sea – lead sheet

Minnesota Avenue (vocal, 2013): More MetroSongs, this one another collaboration with Jason Mendelson that loosely references the station in NE Washington it’s dedicated to. Released on MetroSongs Vol. 4

The Rhythm of Jazz (vocal, 2014): talking about the rhythm of jazz, which comes from American talking. Dedicated to the brilliant Nahum Perferkovich

Snow Day (vocal, 2014): composed during the seemingly endless winter of 2013-14 in the Washington, DC area

Stand Right (vocal, 2011): A guide to escalator etiquette on the DC Metro for locals and tourists alike

Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob (vocal, 2011): Dedicated to my uncle Rob, who is always so happy just to see the family together. Recorded live at the Black Fox Lounge on Nov. 22, 2013: Barbara Papendorp and Russwin Francisco on the vocals

The Heart Says (vocal, 2015): a love song, about the heart, the head… and donuts!

Theme In Search Of A Jam (instrumental, 2015): following the successful “18th Street Theme,” here’s another bebop theme looking for a jam of its own

Three For Three (instrumental, 2012): a light jazz waltz

When The Morning Comes (vocal, 2016): an optimistic song about the promise of a new day

Without You (vocal, 2016): a simple love song in a classic American Song Book style

45 Seconds (vocal, 2014): standing at the corner of 22nd and M Sts NW in Washington, DC, watching the crosswalk sign