December 2015 update: new albums and plenty of seasonal music

You can find my December update here.

This month features two album releases:

  • Metrosongs Volume 6: OUTATRAK, available for streaming, download, and purchase (you’ll want to get the cool retro CD longbox!)
  • Aaron Myers’ holiday album “Snowing In Vegas,” which we’re finalizing now for release in the first week of December.

In addition, I’m looking forward to performing with Aaron Myers at Mr. Henry’s, and to two shows with Barbara Papendorp at Mr Henry’s and Bistrot Lepic.

All that and the DC Jazz Jam on the 13th make for a busy and fun month! Hope to see you.

MetroSongs Volume 4: Get ’em while they’re hot!

Just received a stack of the new MetroSongs Volume 4 CD, which we call “Multi-Tracking” to mark the first recording by the entire MetroSongs band, Jason Mendelson and the Open Doors.

You can hear the latest collection on BandCamp, and buy a physical CD for your very own for only $10 from that site or (better yet) directly from me.


I’m really proud of this collection, and happy to have had the opportunity to contribute as a writer and player on most of the tunes on the album.